3/F ACCM Building, 102 Valero Street, Salcedo Village, 1227 Makati City, PHILIPPINES
TELEFAX : (+632)562-5750
Reach Youth Ministries Inc. seeking to minister and to address the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the underprivileged. Our core values are based on the life, teachings and example of our Lord Jesus Christ and the revelations contained in Holy Scripture. Nothing beautiful, nothing noble, ever comes into being by mere well wishing. To begin one must start with open eyes, open heart, willing hands and ready feet.
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1. In what ways, besides finances, can an individual or organization best support you?

    a. Volunteer as a worker in our various programs as a teacher, assistants,         cook, driver, physical help
    b. Volunteer professional skills – doctor, dentist, lawyer, artist, construction,         computer expert, psychologist, teacher, social worker, etc.
    c. Volunteer your vehicles to transport food and people
    d. Refer us to individuals, groups, or companies that may be able and willing         to support us in money or in goods or services.

2. How do I volunteer?

   Call up the office and arrange for a visit or some visits to the service areas.    Pray and see if God calls you to serve in this particular work. Then, inform us    of your decision. If you are proceeding to volunteer, submit a letter of intent    together with your church’s tenets of faith to the Managing Director of    Reach Youth Ministries, Inc. A certain process is followed thereafter.

3. How do I get trained?

   You get to assist first in a service area and your training begins “on-the-job”.    The head teacher may assign you a group to teach when he/she determines    you are capable and prepared. When a formal workers’ training is scheduled.    you should attend. You may also attend the “Learning Hour” every Saturday    after lunch.

4. When is the most appropriate time and day to visit your project?

   For the Hands to Street Kids Program, Saturday mornings and afternoons are    best. For the Day Care Program, weekday mornings are suitable. For other    programs and services, please call. Please make arrangements with the office    before you visit.

5. How is the organization financed?

   During the early years, finances were shouldered by the founders Lilia and    Josephine Reyes and friends, out of their own pockets. Today, RYMI is purely    financed by donations (cash or in kind) from individuals, churches and their    congregations, friends, and volunteer workers. We raise some funds by    distributing coconut coin banks to church congregations, to some induviduals    and offices, which they return to us when filled. The ministry operates by    faith and is able to provide service through volunteer workers.

6. How are finances managed and controlled?

   The managing director manages the operations of the organization. The Board    of Trustees had set a maximum ceiling of her authority to disburse.    Expenditures above the set ceiling need approval from the Board of Trustees.    Check disbursements are signed by any two of the four authorized signatories.    Records are handled separately. Checks and balance are regularly practiced.    Receipts for all incoming funds, and disbursements and expenditures are    separately handled by different persons. Bookkeeping and Records The    treasurer does random checks on all records, disbursements, and system    used. An outside auditor is maintained, and does the year-end financial    reports.

7. How do I open or start a Hands-to-Street Kids service area?

   You may open and serve an area in partnership with the ministry or    independently as an individual or group or church. In any case, we are open    to provide training for this type of ministry. Submit a letter of intent together    with your church’s tenets of faith to the Managing Director of Reach Youth    Ministries, Inc. A certain process is followed thereafter.