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Reach Youth Ministries Inc. seeking to minister and to address the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the underprivileged. Our core values are based on the life, teachings and example of our Lord Jesus Christ and the revelations contained in Holy Scripture. Nothing beautiful, nothing noble, ever comes into being by mere well wishing. To begin one must start with open eyes, open heart, willing hands and ready feet.
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Program History

The Day Care Program was conceived and started in 1990.  The idea came about when Sis. Lilia and Sis. Joy Reyes met 2 boys, aged 8 and 10 years, on the road pushing a cart.  Both of them did not know how to read and write.  Soon after, the Lord sent Sis. Veronica Cruz, a professional teacher, and classes were conducted for the poor children for free in the garage of RYMI’s first office at Pasong Tirad/Montojo.  The program was accredited in 1992 by the Department of Social Welfare Development, National Capital Region.  Over the years, the service and classes developed into what it is today.

Program Clients

Indigent children, 4-7 years old or even older ones, if they are illiterate.

Services Provided

The Day Care Program is a free pre-school education program for children whose families cannot afford the necessary expenses in sending the children to pre-school.

The ministry does not own any structures, but uses existing structures like puericulture centers, churches, covered garages or patios and multipurpose centers owned by kind individuals, civic organizations or the barangay.  There are usually two classes held every weekday in the morning.  The nursery class is for 4-5 year old children.  The kindergarten class is for children 6 years or older who will enter Grade 1 the succeeding school year.  Reading, Writing, Math, Science, English and Pilipino, Hygiene and Good Manners and Right Conduct are taught.  So far, all our kindergarten graduates have successfully enrolled in Grade 1.

Due to a lack of teachers, the ministry operates only one day care center for 2006.  This is located at a church in Sandico Street, Barangay Tejeros, Makati City.  They have 30 students enrolled.

The teachers receive most of their training on the job, starting out as teaching assistants.  When available, they receive additional training by attending seminars and through people who offer their personal time and expertise to train them.

Some special events for the daycare are Nutrition Month, Linggo ng Wika, United Nations Day (October 24), Kiddie Sportfest (usually in October with the kids’ parents), their Christmas Party,  educational field trips (Manila Zoo, Museo Pambata and similar venues and exhibitions) and of course, Graduation Day.

How You may Help the Day Care Program:
  1. Contributing your time and talent by teaching pre-school children,
  2. Sponsoring food and/or workbooks for the kids
  3. Contributing books and teaching materials,
  4. Helping improve and augment our daycare facilities and equipment,
  5. Contributing gifts, prizes or transportation for special events like a field trip.
  6. Providing additional training to our teachers in early childhood education and related disciplines
  7. Take in some poor kids as scholars if you own a day care or pre-school.


Program Mission

To share the love of God in truth and with action to children, primarily those abandoned, orphaned, abused, molested, neglected, and lost;
  1. By providing their basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, and health and educational services,
  2. By bringing them into the knowledge of God, and helping them develop an active and personal relationship with Him,
  3. By providing an enriching, balanced, Christian family environment at our home,
  4. By re-integrating them with their own family, or having them legally adopted, when it is in the child’s best interest,

Program History

The Children’s Home Program was established on October 1993.  The vision for this program grew out of a need in our areas, where there were numerous reports of child abuse.  Our very first client was Tato, a 9-year old boy rescued by Sis. Lilia Reyes from the Parañaque Anti-Drug Abuse Council (PADAC) jail, where she was holding a weekly Bible study.  He was the youngest in the jail cell, and was discovered sniffing “rugby”, and being physically abused by his cellmates.  About that time, the Zonta Makati-Ayala Foundation let us use their old building, located beside a depressed area in Estrella St., Barangay Carmona, Makati City, for daycare and children’s home operations.  The staff then was purely composed of volunteers working in shifts.  We housed as much as 5 kids at that time.

In 1995, the children’s home transferred to to a better, cleaner, and more convenient home environment in Las Piñas City.  From our rented house, we were also able to positively impact the community through the various ministry programs such as Hands to Street Kids, DayCare, and Adult Value Formation.

In July 2003, the children’s home transferred again to a new location, #2 Opal Street corner Gem Road, Pilar Village, Las Piñas City.  In July 2006, program was temporarily closed due to logistical reasons.  To date, we have served 37 children through the program.

Program Clients

Primary clients are boys and girls, aged 4 to 8 upon admission, with the following cases:
  1. Orphaned - Both parents dead; no relatives to take care of them
  2. Abandoned - Left alone or given away; one or both parents alive
  3. Physical Abuse - Repetitious physical injury by parent or guardian
  4. Sexual Abuse - Molested, harassed or threats thereof
  5. Neglected - Living in a home but basic needs not taken cared of
  6. Lost - Runaways; those who can’t find home

Services Provided

The children will be raised and nurtured in a healthy and balanced Christian family environment until they are released.  This includes basic necessities such as:
  1. Food - at least 3 full meals a day, snacks and “baon”
  2. Clothing - for home, going out, and school, including footwear
  3. Shelter - a home, a bed or mat, pillows and sheets, blankets, towels
  4. Education - public elementary or public high school
  5. Health - medical and dental services, haircuts, toiletries
  6. Legal - documentation, court hearings, etc.
Duration of a client’s stay is up to a year, renewable up to a 2nd year.

Home Construction Project

For the Children’s Home, the deed of donation for the lot in Carmona, Cavite has been approved and signed by the donor.  Deed of Donation is for registration and title is for annotation in Trece Martires, Cavite.    Plan is to put up a permanent structure designed as a home for children and for other programs that may be implemented from the location.

You may participate by:

  1. Donating your talents, time, cash or materials
  2. Giving generous discounts on materials
  3. Referring us to people who may want to support this project