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Reach Youth Ministries Inc. seeking to minister and to address the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the underprivileged. Our core values are based on the life, teachings and example of our Lord Jesus Christ and the revelations contained in Holy Scripture. Nothing beautiful, nothing noble, ever comes into being by mere well wishing. To begin one must start with open eyes, open heart, willing hands and ready feet.
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Program History

January 1989.  This is where everything started.  At the corner of Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue(Buendia) and Mayapis Street in Makati City, Sis. Lilia and Sis. Joy Reyes (not related) made friends with the poor children who were begging or vending food or “sampaguita” at cars waiting for the green light.  The children lived beside the railroad tracks.  With 15 pesos, they bought a loaf of bread and fed the children after their “talks”.  The group of children soon grew and the meetings were moved to the barangay library; then to Mayapis Street beside the railroad.  Some people came to know about the work and contributed to the food.  Others started volunteering to help teach the children. The friendship, which was motivated by the love of the Lord Jesus, resulted in the formation of various groups of volunteers in several locations.

Next to open was Bolivia/Guatemala, followed by Montojo/Ponte.  The work continued to expand to several other areas in Makati City and in Metro Manila.  In 2002, the first area in Mindanao was opened in Davao City.  In 2006, workers were trained in Passi City, Iloilo and we expect to open the program in the Visayas this year.

Program Clients

Children aged 4 to 12, Youth aged 13 to 17, and Young Adults aged 18 to 21 who come from poor and depressed communities.

Services Provided

Integrated into the program are one or any combination of the following services:

  1. Street Education/Value Formation Program – includes instructions on physical hygiene, character formation and value clarification, based on Biblical principles, geared towards them taking responsibility for their lives. Individual counselling is provided upon request.
  2. Nutrition Program/ Project GALAK –makes available food, special formulas and/or milk and vitamins to identified malnourished children and is being administered under the direction of the Medical/Dental Coordinator.
  3. Feeding Program – provides food to all children who participate in the Street Education Program
  4. Physical Well-being Program – provides basic goods like food, clothing, toiletries, and other necessities to children and their families, as supplies allow.
  5. English Enhancement Program – children are provided reading books (small mobile libraries) and assistance in reading and comprehension. Also included are storytelling with vocabulary building, pronounciation and question and answer sessions.
The ministry’s Hands to Street Kids (HSK) program has been ongoing for the last 17 years.  Once every week, usually on a Saturday, RYMI staff and volunteers teach Bible-based value formation lessons to poor children in depressed communities.  A typical session begins with the gathering of children.  Then, this is followed with a prayer and singing praise and worship songs to the Lord.  The kids are then divided into groups according to their ages for their lessons.  Lessons in studying, hard work, honesty, perseverance, patience, self-esteem, fairness, faithfulness, forgiveness, integrity, dealing with problems, relationships, choosing to do what is right, hygiene, health and even child abuse are taught to the children.  After teaching, we feed the children a meal of sopas, champorado, oatmeal, lugaw, or misua. The teachers also spend time to play and get to know the children individually.  And when available, we distribute goods such as rice, foodstuffs, school supplies, vitamins, clothes, toiletries, candies, toys, and shoes to the children and their families.

During the year, specially in summer, special events are held for the kids.  First, there is the Vacation Bible School (VBS) where a special set of lessons are taught to the kids.  The lessons usually include arts and crafts and special games, songs, and programs.  Then, there is the sportsfest dubbed “Palarong Pambatang Lansangan” where kids from the different areas are grouped and they compete in several events like basketball, volleyball, track and field, and specially designed field and parlor games.  At the end of the day, the champions are awarded medals and prizes.  If resources permit, we organize a Summer Camp, where the kids get to live together, have fun, and get to know the Lord deeper in a more relaxed atmosphere for a couple of days.

The consistent involvement of the volunteers in the client’s personal lives established good and lasting relationships.  It is through these relationships that we came to know our client’s needs first hand and established other programs to help meet their needs.

How You May Help the HSK Program

  1. Volunteering as a regular teacher or worker in an area.
  2. Helping with transport of workers, materials and food.
  3. Helping us document the program (ex. Photos and video)
  4. Helping us during special events in kitchen, physical arrangements, etc.

Projects Supporting the HSK Program

To support this work, the ministry launched these two projects.  If you are a church, a school, or a business (store or office), the ministry invites you to be a partner with us in these projects.  Please contact us.

Feeding or Party Sponsorships

You, your friends, your Bible study or cell group, your ministry, your office or company, may sponsor food for one or more areas.  You may also sponsor a Christmas party or celebrate your birthdays or anniversaries with our clients.  Please contact us if you have something in mind.

Coins from You, a Meal for a Child

A fund raising project of the ministry first introduced in August 1989.  It makes use of a coin bank made from coconut shell, popularly known as  COCOBANK, ALKANSIYA or BAO.  We have issued about 28,000 cocobanks to date.  A cocobank contains an average of 550 pesos when completely filled with one peso coins, equivalent to a meal for 44 kids. It can contain an average of  1,750 pesos if completely filled with five peso coins, equivalent to a meal for 140 kids.

How It Works

  1. GET a FORM from a Reach Youth volunteer or partner (church, school, or business) and FILL it out LEGIBLY and COMPLETELY.  This should be followed so the cocobank will be TRACEABLE throughout the entire process.
  2. RETURN the completed FORM to the Reach Youth (RY) volunteer or partner.
  3. You will then RECEIVE a cocobank from the RY volunteer or partner.
  4. FILL your cocobank with coins or bills.
  5. When filled, INSERT a sheet of board or paper containing your name and complete mailing address into the cocobank, and RETURN your cocobank to your Reach Youth volunteer or partner.
  6. Cocobank will be COLLECTED.  Church, school, or business partner will contact Reach Youth for pick-up and/or replacement.
  8. A RECEIPT will be issued and MAILED or delivered to your address.
Pick-A-Name, Bless-A-Child

This project was first launched during Christmas of 1993 to share God’s love to poor children by giving them NEW gifts for Christmas.

How It Works
  1. PICK a child’s NAME from the various displays prepared by Reach Youth (RY) volunteers at premises of the RY partner church, school, office or store.
  2. BUY a suitable GIFT for the child you picked.  The gift should match the age and sex of the child.  Do not give money or perishable items.  Avoid toys that suggest or promote violence or use of force.  Some gift suggestions include:  Educational – puzzles, cards, books, blocks; Musical – instruments, radio; Sports & Games – balls, board games; Clothes – shirt, short, skirt, dress, pants, shoes; Creative – painting, drawing, clay; School – pens, stationery, cases, bags; Personal – toiletries, underwear, cologne; Useful items - Lamps, clocks, pillows, mats; Dolls, cars, toy phones, make-believe sets and others.
  3. Just ATTACH a LABEL indicating the child’s NAME, AGE, and AREA to the gift.  You may attach the name you picked from the volunteer’s displays.  If you lost the child’s name or information, just label the gift indicating the age and sex the gift is suitable for.  There is NO NEED TO WRAP the gift.
  4. DROP OFF your gift and one (1) wrapper at the designated collection box at the RY partner church, school, office or store before the deadline.
  5. The gifts and wrappers will be COLLECTED by Reach Youth and/or its partner church, school, office or store.
  6. Reach Youth will PICK-UP the gifts and SORT them by area.
  7. The gifts will be DISTRIBUTED to the children during their Christmas Party.